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40 Days of Thanks

Beginning November 22 through December 31, 2016

What r u thankful about?  : )


Not sure what to be thankful for? We've got an app for that-just kidding. We do have a list at page-bottom to assist your journey to thankfulness!

Choose a thanks-perspective from our 40-Days list further below, and who knows? You might even be one of several people we send a gift of gratitude to!


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"I'm so glad, ... I've gotta buy a well or something! Not even Dave Ramsey can stop me now!"

Your're in the right place, but "whoa there;" scratch that-apply your money here for thirsty people who could use a blessing.


 Still So Super Thankful & Can't Contain Yourself?

Go Ahead! Make a video singing and dancing from the rooftop, well, umm, a proverbial, non-liability one... and SPREAD YOUR CHEER! We'd love to post your 40 Days of Thanks video on social (Restrictions may not apply, unless you need them, of course.)


Today We're Thankful For...

40 Days of Thanks, A Journey to Thankfulness
Here's a list, because u just might need one.

Day 1 - Glad to be alive, sun shining or not

Day 2 - Thankful for the water I drank today

Day 3 -  ... for dexterity with an internet connection

Day 4 - Check back November 22!


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